ND 22.01.2023: US news from NewsBreak

Good morning. Happy Sunday and Happy New Year of the Rabbit! This morning our news comes from NewsBreak. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has proposed legislation to permanently ban Covid mandates in the state. The proposal includes permanently banning mask requirements … Continue reading ND 22.01.2023: US news from NewsBreak

PILL IN SWEETS PACK: Stockport child sent to hospital by painkiller in Smarties

Stockport – VIJAY SHAH via ALIA ROPUN, upday, JOE ROBERTS and Metro A five-year-old English child was taken to hospital after coming across a painkiller tablet she found inside a packet of chocolate sweets, online newspaper Metro reported yesterday. The little girl, Annabelle Stark, had gone out trick-or-treating for Hallowe’en with her three-year-old brother, Joel, in the northern England town of Stockport. She was given a pack of Smarties, a sweet containing chocolate covered in a sugar shell popular among children in the United Kingdom. Her mother, Kayleigh Stark, gave the packets of sweets to her children as a treat, only to … Continue reading PILL IN SWEETS PACK: Stockport child sent to hospital by painkiller in Smarties

QUOTE MOMENT: Sharing sweets

    A Facebook post I shared five years ago. It reads “When people ask me to share the candy I’m eating, I give them the flavor I don’t like” and comes with a forever alone type meme. Truth be told, I just share the sweeties regardless of flavour, unless I’m eating Quality Street, and they’re someone I don’t like, then in that case, they get all the toffees!   IMAGE CREDIT: I finally stop laughing. look back over at you and start all over again, Facebook, Facebook Inc. https://www.facebook.com/laughingclub/ Continue reading QUOTE MOMENT: Sharing sweets

PHOTO MOMENT: Cadbury’s Christmas chocolate

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a big chunky bar of chocolate. If it’s festive chocolate, even better. One thing I can tell you about retailers in Britain is that they are so passionate about Christmas that they start bringing out festive themed goodies a good few months in advance. In fact the receptionist at my workplace was even telling me how some shops have already started playing Yuletide carols…and this was on Hallowe’en!! Chocolate maker Cadbury’s, home of the recently revived Wispa bar, among other niceties, has brought out a new chocolate bar that will join their family-sized Dairy Milk collection … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Cadbury’s Christmas chocolate

SUPER SWEET AWARD: Sugar and spice…and brains so nice

By Vijay Shah Hot on the heels of our first ever blogging community award, the Hope Unites Globally ‘HUG’ Award, your best place for ramblings of the mind has been nominated yet again. This time the Half-Eaten Mind has been selected to receive the “Super Sweet Award” courtesy of Pallak Sharma, one of the blog’s supporters and loyal fans. Ms. Sharma writes for the “Be-All and End-All” blog which is a beautiful collection of musings on life’s sweet and sour surprises. Based in India, 21-year-old Pallak is a commerce student at university and despite her busy schedule, still finds time … Continue reading SUPER SWEET AWARD: Sugar and spice…and brains so nice