PHOTO MOMENT: Canadian elf coin

  A 25-dollar pure silver coloured coin issued by Canada in 2016. The coin, part of a popular and recent tradition of countries issuing coinage with full-colour scenery and even holographic elements, shows a mythological ‘woodland elf’ on the reverse. The elf, dressed in green hat and suit, is busy at work building a wooden birdhouse amidst typical northern Canadian forest scenery. The obverse features a unique profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The coin was recently launched by the Royal Canadian Mint, based on a design by local artist Jesse Koreck, and is being sold at face value in … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Canadian elf coin

THOUGHT MOMENT: Washing the dishes

  To answer the question, yes, I still do wash dishes and cutlery by hand. At home we have a dishwasher, but it doesn’t work and the landlord has stuffed it full of shopping bags for reasons best known to him. I am very good at it as well, leaving utensils more sparkling than the glasses in the Finish dishwasher tablet TV adverts.¬† How about you?. Feel free to sahre (sorry, share) this post and who knows, you may win a squeezy bottle of Fairy liquid or something. IMAGE CREDITS: Pearl Holmes. For ladies only, Facebook, Facebook Inc.¬† Suzanne Chaplin … Continue reading THOUGHT MOMENT: Washing the dishes