ROAD MISHAP IN MAURITIUS: Car overturned in shopping district

Bagatelle – VIJAY SHAH via

A road accident on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius saw a car overturn and end up on its roof today in the town of Bagatelle, famed for its popular shopping mall, the French-language website reported today.

Few details of the accident or its cause were published by the news outlet but a picture shown with their report shows bystanders clustering around the stricken auto, which had completely overturned, its four wheels hovering in the air. It is not known if there are any injuries or fatalities. What appeared to be the front of the silver-coloured car is entirely mangled and the doors were open, possibly as people were helped or removed from the vehicle.


The exact location of the accident was not published, apart from a mention that the incident took place in the ‘heights’ of Bagatelle, an area of the Moka District which lies less than two kilometres from the town of Rose Hill-Beau Bassin, about 20 minutes’ drive south from the Mauritian capital, Port Louis. The area draws many shoppers to its signature Bagatelle Mall, the Mauritian equivalent of Westfield.

Rising prosperity on the island has seen an explosion in the number of vehicles on its roads, leading to frequent traffic jams even in smaller towns. Accidents have also become more commonplace. According to the government agency Statistics Mauritius, 149 people are killed annually on Mauritian roads with 268 serious injuries in the same time period.


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CHILE PILE-UP: One person killed in San Bernardo accident

San Bernardo, CHILE

One person has been killed and around six injured in a motorway pile-up in the Chilean region of San Bernardo, just outside the capital Santiago, a local online magazine reported yesterday.

The traffic incident occurred on the busy southern stretch of the Route 5 motorway, which stretches 3,364 km (2,090 miles) from the Peruvian-Chilean border to the city of Puerto Montt in the Antarctic south. The accident occurred near to the site of the Carozzi food retail company.

The injured were airlifted to various hospitals in the area with the help of a helicopter sent to the scene by the Prefectura Aeroespacial de Carabineros (airborne police unit) as heavy traffic congestion at the accident scene made it impossible for ambulance vehicles to reach the victims.

Local police reported that two trucks and four smaller vehicles had collided on Route 5, with the single fatality being one of the drivers caught in the collision. One senior police officer, Daniel Saavedra, told Cooperativa that the collision involved a tanker, tractor, a ‘jeepney’ and a van, and that the tanker, which was carrying a cargo of an unspecified type of oil had lost control before ploughing into the tractor, and then further smashed into the jeepney.

The tractor was shunted into the motorway crash barrier and travelled into a neighbouring lane where it collided with a passing van.

Police were forced to set up a complete roadblock of the southbound lanes and around the Américo Vespucio sector and drivers were diverted en masse from the crash scene.

Locals passing the crash scene tweeted pictures of the carnage. One witness, Jean Claude Penjean, tweeted images showing a yellow tractor that was heavily damaged, and photos of debris and tyre skidmarks strewn across Route 5 South. Pictures of the police blockade and snarled traffic were also released. No details have yet being reported on the identities of the injured and killed.

Chile generally has good road safety standards and incidents such as yesterday’s fatal pile-up on Route 5 are a rare occurrence.


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HEATHROW AIRPORT EXPANSION: Activists block airport

VIJAY SHAH via The Telegraph

Heathrow Airport, one of the main airports for the London region, is experiencing massive delays and ‘travel chaos’ after activists opposed to the airport’s expansion blockaded a tunnel leading to the facility, Britain’s Telegraph reports today.

Activists belonging to campaign group Plane Stupid, who are opposed to an extra runway being built at the airport which lies near west London, created a traffic block in a tunnel leading to Terminals 1, 2 and 3, causing massive tailbacks for holidaymakers and other travellers in the area. Five people have already been arrested for the disruption by the protest, which was held as the UK’s Parliament debates airport expansion. Both Heathrow and Gatwick airports are pushing cases forward to ministers to add extra runways, in Heathrow’s case, it’s third, as both airports handle ever increasing numbers of passengers. 

Campaign groups, including Plane Stupid, are opposed to these expansions as they say the increased number of flights and airport activity will cause higher amounts of air pollution and noise to residents in the immediate area of Heathrow, as well as helping contribute to global climate change.

Pictures published by the Telegraph show two men in high-visibility clothing resting around a white van parked across the lane in the tunnel. The van is covered in two homemade banners reading “NO NEW RUNWAYS and “NO IFS NO BUTS, NO 3RD RUNWAY” in large letters. The second slogan is said to have been an election promise made by UK prime minister David Cameron before he was elected . A Twitter-style hashtag which appears to read “#PLANE STUPID” can also be partly observed.

Heathrow’s official Twitter account @HeathrowAirport warned travellers of delays this morning at 8.51, stating “Protest activity in the inbound tunnel is currently affecting traffic around the central terminal area and terminals 2 & 3 at Heathrow.”. The central terminal referred to is also known as Terminal 1.

Plane Stupid put out a press release on their website to declare the blockade. Spokesperson Cameron Kaye said: “Airport expansion would wreck the legally binding Climate Change Act, risking wiping out 55 per cent of species this century and displacing 75 million more people from their homes by 2035.

“If aviation growth isn’t reduced, by 2037 aviation alone could emit all of the carbon it’s safe for the UK to emit.”

Kaye also added: “The government needs to choose: build new runways or stop climate chaos: it’s that simple.”
“There is already airport capacity for families taking their yearly holiday. New runways only benefit the 15 per cent of flyers who take 70 per cent of our flights, cooking our planet.”

“These are rich frequent leisure flyers. The most reliable predictors of frequent flyer status are a household income over £115,000 and owning a second home abroad, but it’s the poorest people who suffer most from climate change.”

Plane Stupid also took to Twitter to announce the tunnel blockage, tweeting on their official account @planestupid: “At 7:40am today three Plane stupid activist have blockaded the entrance tunnel to Heathrow terminals 123. #planestupid #no3rdrunway #climate”

If Heathrow’s petition to the Government is successful, it will build the new runway just north of its two existing ones, in an area near the suburban town of Harmondsworth.

Ministers are currently debating the findings of the Airports Commission, who have published a final report into the case for Heathrow expansion. The debate began at 9.30am local time.

In its release, Plane Stupid quoted “local resident Neil Keveren”, from nearby Harmondsworth, saying: “No one wants to do this. They feel they have to. People feel they have no choice.

“After we campaigned for years, David Cameron was elected promising ‘no ifs, no buts: no third runway’.

“In 2010 the High Court ruled third runway plans ‘untenable in law and common sense’ because they breached the Climate Change Act.

“Now Cameron might just build it anyway. We have tried every other option. We have been forced to be disobedient just to be heard. To save our homes and our planet.”

London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson, has also previously expressed his displeasure at enlarging Heathrow, preferring instead to build an entirely new airport on an artificial island in the Thames Estuary east of London.

However, Rob Gray, of the Back Heathrow campaign, which support the airport’s expansion, said: “This demonstration by a handful of protestors does not represent the views of most people in west London or beyond.

“Of the 70,000 responses to the Airports Commission public consultation, 82 per cent were in favour of Heathrow expansion.

“A new runway has strong cross-party support in Parliament and is backed by the majority of UK businesses, international airlines and local residents.”

The Metropolitan Police, which is responsible for law and order in the Heathrow region, commented: “Officers are currently dealing with a protest near the inbound tunnel of Heathrow airport.
“They were called at 7.42am on Thursday, November 26. Five arrests have been made.”

People travelling towards Heathrow should expect severe delays and should seek alternative routes.

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