PHOTO MOMENT: Gorgeous Grandma Day

23 July is: Gorgeous Grandma DaySo here is our cat of the day…#Grandma #GrandmaBan #olderadults — Top Ten Blogger (@Worlds_Top_10) July 23, 2017   It’s cats that help power the internet, and nearly everyone goes mushy at the sight of a kitty doing or wearing human things. Today’s Photo Moment is this rugged marmalade tabby who has a soft spot for their granny, not to mention fashionably great taste in bibs too 😀 This tweet was made by Top Ten Blogger, a long-time member of the HEM Community. Based in Wales, his blog covers the top ten of amazing … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Gorgeous Grandma Day


  As some sections of society in Europe become agitated at the prospect of the continent being a final place of safety for thousands of refugees fleeing among other things, the Daesh and civil war in Syria, a tweet starkly illustrates a taste of why so many people are running for their lives and risking everything. Above is a bombed out boulevard somewhere in Syria. Now is a time for compassion, not xenophobia. SOURCES/IMAGE: Half-Eaten Mind, Twitter, Twitter Inc. TV, Film, Media…, Stephanie Lang , Twitter, Twitter Inc. Marie McInerney, Twitter, Twitter Inc. Top-Up Their Phones, Twitter, Twitter Inc. Continue reading THOUGHT MOMENT: Refugees