GAS MAIN EXPLOSION: ‘Huge’ fire reported in Whitstable



There have been reports of a large explosion and fire in Whitstable, Kent, in the south of England, leaving two men injured, according to national newspaper The Telegraph.

The explosion, believed to be centred around a subterranean gas main (gas pipe) at the Estuary View Business Park, an industrial site, occurred at 10:00 pm yesterday night, The Telegraph reports.

One of the victims, a gas engineer who was repairing the main at the time, suffered burns to his legs and face and was rushed to William Harvey Hospital in nearby Ashford, also in Kent county, by emergency services who arrived at the scene. A second man, possibly a fellow engineer or passer-by, sustained minor injuries.

The injured engineer, employed by the gas distribution firm SGN, had been called out to fix an issue with the medium-pressure main believed tampered with by an unknown ‘third party’, when the gas ignited. It is not known what exactly set off the explosion. The second casualty was treated at the scene. Neither are in serious danger.


File image (c) robert wade

Images posted by local man Chris Rowden on Twitter showed large orange flames rising from the ground ferociously, with ambulance teams from the South East Coast Ambulance Service and fire engines in attendance. Another witness, who lives a mile away from the scene, reported seeing the sky ‘lit up’ at the time of the incident.

Kent Fire and Rescue, which manages emergency services in the county, told the Telegraph that SGN was able to cut off the gas supply to the main and extinguish the fire at around 3 am this morning. A spokesperson told the paper “It is not known what caused the explosion at this stage.”

To minimise the risk of secondary gas leaks or explosions to Whitstable residents, SGN ordered the ceasing of gas supply to 430 homes in the Old Thanet Way residential area, and Kent police has set up roadblocks near the business park the gas explosion occurred in.

In a statement, SGN said: “It is too early to know what caused the fire last night but an investigation is under way.

“We would like to reassure the local community that we are continuing to closely monitor the situation to ensure their safety.”

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“Flames Following the Gas explosion at Townsendfold, Rossendale, Lancashire” – robert wade, Flickr (31 July 2007)


SULLEE J: Home of The Stars – [Don Streat, Sullee J & Unreal]

Hailing out of Baltimore City, Don Streat, UnReal and Sullee J have come together on the song “Home of The Stars”. The beat was produced by globally acclaimed D.R.U.G.S. Beats, who has recently worked on the single “Gone” which was on Dr. Dre’s Compton album. This track is off the EP “Donnie Justice” which is a project in motion to unify the city and to exemplify the true power of Hip Hop.

Music has an influence to bring all races together on a human level. It hits not only the mind, but the heart. Home of The Stars is a reflection of diversity, sharp lyricism and slick metaphors.



Soundcloud –




Team Justice/Sullee J Management and S.O.N. Media.



VIDEO MOMENT: The Choco Kebab


Like most young British men (and women), I am very fond of kebabs, the Turkish, Greek and Central Asian fast food delicacy of meat and vegetables in a bread pocket. Since the doner kebab and its equally delicious siblings began appearing on the high streets here in the 1970s, the food has become a staple of pub crawls, family get-togethers and football matches.

So, when I was shown this video by my sister yesterday, which is usually kebab night for me, I just had to share this with you as a kebab fan. I’m also a chocaholic, so when this video began playing, I was shocked and pleased in equal measure that two of my greatest culinary loves had been fused into one delicious, mouth-watering and calorie-saturated snack.

Give a big round of applause to the Choco Kebab. Hailing from Italy, which has a large Afghan and Turkish populations famed for their greasy meat in rolls, this kebab replaces the spinning cylinder of processed lamb or chicken with one of white and milk chocolate. The cook shears off curls of chocolate with a special implement and packs them into a crepe, rather than the usual pitta or naan. The accompanying mayonnaise, chill sauce and ketchup is replaced with Nutella, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and other sweet treats.

This unique kebab is sold around the world, according to the video above, but I have never encountered anyone selling it here, and I live in London, one of the most adventurous cities for food in Europe. I’m now tempted to buy a van, empty the local stores of all their chocolate and party snacks, and become the richest chocolate kebab entrepreneur this side of the Adriatic.

Let me know what you think of this latest food trend.

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Alia Hellz Bachell.

VENEZUELA CRISIS: President Maduro threatens to seize defunct factories, punish owners


The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, whose country is experiencing a crisis in electricity and other materials, has passed a new decree enabling his government to seize control of underperforming or closing factories and jail their owners, BBC News reports.

As Venezuela’s economy continues to slump, President Maduro held a meeting with supporters in the capital Caracas. He told them that the country needed to sort out the crisis and to ramp up levels of manufacturing. This past Friday, Maduro had also brought in a nationwide state of emergency as Venezuela suffers food and electricity shortages. Maduro told observers that the state of emergency was needed to counteract ‘foreign aggression’, although the BBC report does not say which countries were responsible. He also said that the country was being held to ransom by business leaders opposed to Maduro’s left-wing rule.

Maduro said: “We must take all measures to recover productive capacity, which is being paralysed by the bourgeoisie,”

“Anyone who wants to halt [production] to sabotage the country should get out, and those who do must be handcuffed and sent to the PGV [Venezuelan General Penitentiary],” he said.

“We’re going to tell imperialism and the international right that the people are present, with their farm instruments in one hand and a gun in the other… to defend this sacred land,” he added.

The state of emergency announced recently builds on the emergency measures Maduro instituted in January this year. The original plan was to keep the situation in place for the next three months, but in reality it may not end until 2017.

He did not specify if there would be limits to other constitutional rights but he said the decree would provide “a fuller, more comprehensive protection for our people.”

A previous state of emergency was implemented in states near the Colombian border last year.

It suspended constitutional guarantees in those areas but did not suspend guarantees related to human rights, the BBC said. Venezuela’s minister for communications and information, Luis Jose Marcano, said the state of emergency would enable the government to better distribute rations and tackle the crisis more easily. He also said that it would also enable the government to deal with perceived threats from ‘armed groups’ and protect public order. Opponents fear the emergency could be used by the Maduro administration to stifle free speech in the country.

Opponents of the president have been holding rallies in Caracas demanding he step down, pushing for a ‘recall vote’ to push him out of power. The government’s opposition in the Venezuelan parliament have submitted a petition with 1.8 million signatures calling for a referendum on Maduro, but National Electoral Board has not yet verified the voters’ signatures. Opponents have chided the Board for being ‘deaf, dumb and blind’ and that it is deliberately procrastinating. The referendum cannot happen until the petition moves onto the next stage and acquires another 4 million signatures.

At the Saturday anti-Maduro rally in Caracas, opposition leader and former presidential candidate Henrique Capriles said: “We want a country without queues, where we can find medicines. We want change.”

He described Venezuela as a “time bomb that can explode at any given moment”. Fellow opponent Marisol dos Santos warned there would be a ‘social explosion’ of massive popular unrest if President Maduro refused to honour the recall vote and referendum results, should they happen.

In the light of the emergency situation, the Venezuelan leader also announced the start of military exercises from next weekend to guard the country against unspecified foreign threats.

Though Venezuela is one of South America’s largest oil producers, it has been weakened by falls in global oil prices. Financial analysis showed that its economy contracted by 5.7% in 2015, with the inflation rate at a shocking 180% so far.

Citizens are struggling to obtain basic necessities such as food, medicines, and utilities. Nicolas Maduro attributed this to the United States and local business leaders attempting to undermine his government via a covert economic war. A photo released by the BBC shows people queueing outside a store to buy rationed goods. The crisis has forced the government to bring in a four-day working week to save on electricity. Water is also being rationed, adding to the woes of the ordinary Venezuelan.

The threat to seize closed-down factories came after Venezuela’s largest edibles manufacturer, Grupa Polar, stopped producing beer, accusing the government for preventing it importing barley, a key ingredient of the drink. The group is owned by billionaire Lorenzo Mendoza, who is a fierce critic of President Maduro, according to the BBC.

Google News – World Edition
“Venezuela crisis: Maduro threatens seizure of closed factories” – BBC – News – World – Latin America (15 May 2016)
Getty Images via Zemanta.

112: New countrywide emergency number for India from 2017

New Delhi, INDIA
VIJAY SHAH via PTI & Deccan Herald

India will follow in the steps of Europe and North America by instituting a single number for emergency services as of 1st January 2017, enabling more convenience for the services and the public, the Deccan Herald reports.

As with America’s ‘911’ and the U.K.’s 999 services, Indian citizens looking to report a crime or incident will be able to dial ‘112’ to give them direct access to the fire brigade, ambulance service and the police, and this will be operational as of the first day of next year, a senior governmental official told the country’s Press Trust of India (PTI). The new easy to dial number has been formally approved by Telecoms Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

English: Emergency service in The Czech Republ...

English: Emergency service in The Czech Republic. Firemen and Emergency medical services are getting injured person from the car – practice show for public. Česky: Integrovaný záchranný systém. Hasiči a zdravotnická záchranná služba vyprošťují zraněnou osobu z auta – ukázkové cvičení pro veřejnost. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

112 will be available even to mobile phones and landlines that are out of coverage, low on credit or that are barred from making outgoing calls. Currently, the emergency services are contactable via different numbers. To dial the police, callers must use 100, for the fire brigade, it is 101. Ambulances are reached through the number 102 and Emergency Disaster Management crews are contacted via 108. Having 112 as a single number to cover all the services will greatly improve response times and co-ordination between emergency responders in the nation of 1 billion people.

The unnamed official told PTI: “Telecom operators have been asked to direct all emergency calls to 112. The process to direct calls made on to 112 to concerned departments is being worked out,”

“At present, there are call centres which handle emergency number calls. They will be asked to handle calls on 112 as well. Besides, requirement of additional capacity is being worked out which will be in place by January 1,”

People will also be able to contact emergency services by texting 112, and operators will be able to obtain their location via their mobile signal. The telecoms ministry also plans to bring in an associated ‘panic button’ system which will be made compulsory for all mobile handsets sold in India as of 2017, the Herald reports. GPS navigation systems will also be made compulsory on all handsets to enable emergency services to trace callers in distress.

All calls to the police and others will be routed through a call centre with operators on hand who will be able to take calls and texts in English, Hindi and regional languages such as Gujarati and Tamil.

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CHILE PILE-UP: One person killed in San Bernardo accident

San Bernardo, CHILE

One person has been killed and around six injured in a motorway pile-up in the Chilean region of San Bernardo, just outside the capital Santiago, a local online magazine reported yesterday.

The traffic incident occurred on the busy southern stretch of the Route 5 motorway, which stretches 3,364 km (2,090 miles) from the Peruvian-Chilean border to the city of Puerto Montt in the Antarctic south. The accident occurred near to the site of the Carozzi food retail company.

The injured were airlifted to various hospitals in the area with the help of a helicopter sent to the scene by the Prefectura Aeroespacial de Carabineros (airborne police unit) as heavy traffic congestion at the accident scene made it impossible for ambulance vehicles to reach the victims.

Local police reported that two trucks and four smaller vehicles had collided on Route 5, with the single fatality being one of the drivers caught in the collision. One senior police officer, Daniel Saavedra, told Cooperativa that the collision involved a tanker, tractor, a ‘jeepney’ and a van, and that the tanker, which was carrying a cargo of an unspecified type of oil had lost control before ploughing into the tractor, and then further smashed into the jeepney.

The tractor was shunted into the motorway crash barrier and travelled into a neighbouring lane where it collided with a passing van.

Police were forced to set up a complete roadblock of the southbound lanes and around the Américo Vespucio sector and drivers were diverted en masse from the crash scene.

Locals passing the crash scene tweeted pictures of the carnage. One witness, Jean Claude Penjean, tweeted images showing a yellow tractor that was heavily damaged, and photos of debris and tyre skidmarks strewn across Route 5 South. Pictures of the police blockade and snarled traffic were also released. No details have yet being reported on the identities of the injured and killed.

Chile generally has good road safety standards and incidents such as yesterday’s fatal pile-up on Route 5 are a rare occurrence.


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PHOTO MOMENT: Leicester City’s Premier League win


A poster circulated on social media commemorating English football team Leicester City F.C.‘s first ever win of the Barclays Premier League, after winning on points. Adorned in the blue and white livery of the Foxes, the poster also shows the names and years of previous BPL cup lifters.


Sunny Atwal. 

CANINE VISUAL CHALLENGE: Find the sleeping Pluto


Now here’s a Bank Holiday challenge for you here at the Half-Eaten Mind. We took an unscheduled trip to Disneyland and enlisted the help of the ever excitable Pluto. All you need to do to pass this challenge is to look at the sea of happy dog faces above. However, one of the dogs appears to have fallen asleep in the parade. We can’t seem to figure which one of these adorable cartoon pooches has dropped off to Noddyland, so can you find it?

Feel free to leave your answer in the comments section. All the best!

Via Annie Wiebe and Marie Hiles.

SULLEE J: Bad Habits


Accomplished Baltimore rapper Sullee J returns with a new single as he recently announced his new signing with Bogish Brand Ent. in the United States. This new track is entitled ‘Bad Habits’ and sees Sullee J pay homage to his Pakistani heritage by dropping a bilingual flow in English and Urdu, the national langauge of Pakistan, of which Sullee is a fluent speaker.

Bad Habits, also called ‘Old Habits’, or in Urdu ‘Jiyu Kaise’ speaks on the battles between culture and politics. Produced by AnnoDominiBeats, the music video starts off with the sights of the once-glorious city of Detroit, the erstwhile ‘Motor City‘ of the Americas. Sullee J appears near some cool street art and immediately drops some Urdu lyrics with his unmistakable delivery and raw emotion, before moving onto English. It is a powerful song, which speaks of the bad and good of human society and the struggle of existence in an international theatre of hate and war, interspersed with video and news footage of the tragedies unfolding in the Middle East, some of which is raw and unsettling for some viewers. 

Some words extracted from the hook which Sullee J has translated especially are “How can I live like this? am I also suppose to break hearts, or help join them? Everywhere I look, it always seems corrupt, it feels like this whole life is a game, and people will do whatever to win in it, How can I live like this?”

Bad Habits is now out on YouTube and you can download the MP3 version on SoundCloud.

Twitter: @SulleeJ85

Instagram: @SulleeJ


Team Justice.
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This little lad has an unbelievable laugh.

Share this with a mate who laughs funny.

Hurr-hurr-durr-durr…. snooooort!!


Alia Hellz Bachell.
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