QUOTE MOMENT: A problem is an opportunity

  Everyone hates problems. I do. You do. Hell, even your pet cat probably does. But in the name of positive thinking, it doesn’t hurt to think of a problem as an opportunity to learn, to self-improve and as a challenge to conquer. As strange as it may seem, encountering a problem gives you a chance to consider things from all angles and to find solutions to a) solve said problem; and b) get it out of the way and go back to living and enjoying life. Just as they say you should seize opportunities by the horns, so you … Continue reading QUOTE MOMENT: A problem is an opportunity

SULLEE J: Innovative Mind

Article by Sullee J (musician/contributor) Foreword by Vijay Shah (blogger/editor) Baltimore-based rap musician Sullee J has consistently wowwed hip-hop fans across the Atlantic and across the seven seas with his amazing musical style, eminent collaborations with the cream of national and local hip-hop talent, and of course, his powerful vocabulary and lyrical expression. As befitting a blog with the name of ‘The Half-Eaten Mind’, Sullee J has penned a special article that will question your every move and mental conception. In this exclusive piece, Sullee J challenges us to look within ourselves.┬áDo you ever wonder why we do the things … Continue reading SULLEE J: Innovative Mind

HUMOUR MOMENT: Riddles to Eat Your Mind

Vijay Shah   In a departure from our usual features and news-writing schedule on this incredibly warm Saturday evening, here is a selection of riddles that I originally copied from a volley of emails from my friend Sunny, who has also been an asset to the blog for many months in choosing newsworthy stories for inclusion on the Half-Eaten Mind. We had one of our long days at work, where I was beavering away on a massive data project, while he had contracted a case of major boredom. In spite of my insurmountable workload, I managed to rescue these beauties … Continue reading HUMOUR MOMENT: Riddles to Eat Your Mind