HUMOUR MOMENT: Feline equations

  Cats and maths (math), a winning combination. Edexcel and Co. should seriously introduce kitties into the GCSE syllabus. Can you solve the missing answer to the final sum? SOURCES: Rishi Rangbahadoor‎. Radio Plus CONSEIL POLITIQUE . , Mauritius/Ile-Maurice, Facebook, Facebook Inc. Continue reading HUMOUR MOMENT: Feline equations

HUMOUR MOMENT: The Looter’s Prayer

Here’s a little something that I posted on Facebook way back in August 2011 (five years ago). To give you some context first, at that time riots and widespread looting was happening across the UK. The riots first started in my city, London, after a man was shot dead by police in questionable circumstances. The riots soon spread to other major cities. I posted this as a tongue-in-cheek joke and was not intended as a slur against any age or religious group. It is the Lord’s Prayer reimagined for the rioting classes, and here we have…. the Looter’s Prayer. May … Continue reading HUMOUR MOMENT: The Looter’s Prayer

HUMOUR MOMENT: Find the phone

    Somewhere around this ornate and flowery carpet, a mobile phone has been hidden in an act of masterful disguise. When this image was posted on Facebook, several commenters said it took them anywhere between 5 and 40 minutes to spot the well-hidden gadget. Before I posted this, I tried searching for the phone myself, but without success. So, HEM fans, let’s see if you can find the mobile. Answers in comments, please. IMAGE CREDITS: Macie Phillips via Washim Baulam. Facebook, Facebook Inc. Continue reading HUMOUR MOMENT: Find the phone

THOUGHT MOMENT: Washing the dishes

  To answer the question, yes, I still do wash dishes and cutlery by hand. At home we have a dishwasher, but it doesn’t work and the landlord has stuffed it full of shopping bags for reasons best known to him. I am very good at it as well, leaving utensils more sparkling than the glasses in the Finish dishwasher tablet TV adverts.  How about you?. Feel free to sahre (sorry, share) this post and who knows, you may win a squeezy bottle of Fairy liquid or something. IMAGE CREDITS: Pearl Holmes. For ladies only, Facebook, Facebook Inc. Suzanne Chaplin … Continue reading THOUGHT MOMENT: Washing the dishes

HUMOUR MOMENT: Don’t do drugs, do dhal puri

    Drugs are horrible substances. Whether legal or illegal, recreational narcotics usually cause harm to the body, damaging the user from the inside and out. So instead of sniffing that line or hitting that pipe, why not tuck into some Mauritian-style dhal puri instead. You’ll look a million rupees, and you won’t have to worry about the police pulling you over and busting you for illicit dhal puri possession. For those who have never encountered the awesomeness that is dhal puri, let me explain. This is a snack popular on the island of Mauritius and an unforgettable part of … Continue reading HUMOUR MOMENT: Don’t do drugs, do dhal puri

CANINE VISUAL CHALLENGE: Find the sleeping Pluto

  Now here’s a Bank Holiday challenge for you here at the Half-Eaten Mind. We took an unscheduled trip to Disneyland and enlisted the help of the ever excitable Pluto. All you need to do to pass this challenge is to look at the sea of happy dog faces above. However, one of the dogs appears to have fallen asleep in the parade. We can’t seem to figure which one of these adorable cartoon pooches has dropped off to Noddyland, so can you find it? Feel free to leave your answer in the comments section. All the best! IMAGE CREDITS: … Continue reading CANINE VISUAL CHALLENGE: Find the sleeping Pluto

HUMOUR MOMENT: The chilled-out pooch you can chill with

  As a news blog, this would be a very appropriate Humour Moment to feature today. The world’s coolest dog quits his lame-ass town to hit the road in a quest for a ‘chill place and even chiller owner to chill with’. It seems even the news channel has gotten chilled so much that they’ve let their proof-reading slip. There’s two ‘ands’ in the yellow ticker at the bottom of the image. I wish this totally cool dog finds the chillest place to chill out at, and maybe even a warm dish of chilli con carne waiting for him too. … Continue reading HUMOUR MOMENT: The chilled-out pooch you can chill with