ATACAMA HUMANOID: Alleged extraterrestrial corpse is of this world

Claims that the remains of a being found in the world’s driest desert were that of an alien have been debunked by a television show broadcast on US television. Scientific analysis of the creature which was found in a remote mining village in the Atacama Desert of Chile has in fact proved that it is in fact of earthly origin, thus concluding a paranormal mystery that has intrigued scientists, the media and ufologists for a decade.

English: Map of Atacama Desert
English: Map of Atacama Desert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The desiccated corpse, measuring only six inches in height and resembling a toy Hallowe’en skeleton, was stumbled upon by a man named Oscar Munoz in the ghost town of La Nora, where it had allegedly been hidden away near an abandoned church. The blackened skeleton with yellowed bones and ‘hard’ teeth had been found wrapped in a white cloth. Its deep-set eyes and domed elongated skull struck him as possibly that of an entity from another world. Many observers given access to view Munoz’s mysterious organism were startled by its uncanny resemblance to the infamous Greys – aliens said to be capable of telepathy and interstellar travel and traditionally blamed for the widely documented ‘alien abductions’ of ordinary humans.

Munoz later sold on the ‘alien’ skeleton, nicknamed ‘Ata’ or the ‘Atacama Humanoid’, to a Spanish businessman for the sum of a few hundred euros. Its discovery meanwhile was fuelling fierce debate in the UFO community, many who were convinced it was proof that aliens had visited our planet, and had even died on it. Sceptics meanwhile maintained that the ‘alien’ was in fact a preserved human foetus, a dried baby monkey or even a hoax.

The confusing mystery of 15 centimetre tall ‘Ata’ was finally solved by a team of biologists led by Dr. Steven Greer, whose findings were aired in a documentary called  ‘Sirius’ this past Monday. Greer’s team managed to obtain the corpse from its current owner and ran a series of tests to determine the alien’s origins, including microscopic analysis of its DNA  and advanced 3D CAT scans to examine its internal structure for clues to its possible origins.

Dr. Greer hit back at detractors who claimed the Atacama Humanoid was a deliberate hoax by scammers exploiting the scientific community’s desire to find proof of intelligent life outside Earth. He said “The CAT scan clearly shows internal chest organs – lungs and what appears to be the remains of a heart structure

There is absolutely no doubt that the specimen is an actual organism and that it is not a hoax of any kind

In an unfortunate blow to those who hoped that the Humanoid would be the first concrete proof of alien life, Dr. Greer has stated that it is in fact an ordinary human foetus. One theory is that it is the remains of a child, possibly stillborn and abandoned by its mother who wrapped it in a cloth and left it near the church, fearful of divine retribution and societal rejection in the staunchly Catholic society of rural Chile. Some believe however that the child, said to be male, may have survived up to eight years of age, despite his unusually tiny height.

Alien hello icon
Alien hello icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ata’s characteristic bulging head may have been the result of a deformation in the womb or an ancient cultural practice. Some societies in South America had, and may continue, to follow a tradition of wrapping their babies’ head in cloth reinforced with wood splints, causing the child’s skull to become elongated as it develops. This custom was once in vogue among well-to-do people as a sign of nobility.

Its appearance may have been down to exposure to the relentless sun of the Atacama, the world’s driest desert, where some areas do not see rain for 400 years.

His findings have been confirmed by two other scientists based at California’s Stanford University.

SIRIUS DOCUMENTARY TRAILER – featuring the Atacama Humanoid

Many thanks to Sunny Atwal for suggesting today’s article.

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