NEWS DIGEST 30.08.2020: Pubs and protests


Welcome to today’s news digest via Facebook. Ten thousand protesters converged on the centre of London yesterday to protest against the British government’s coronavirus lockdown and its drive to find a vaccine for the pandemic, with many turning out with placards claiming the virus is a ‘hoax’. The ‘Unite for Freedom’ rally, an event organised by supporters of conspiracy theories and anti-regulation movements, demanded restoration of all freedoms and an ‘end to government lies’ and ‘medical tyranny’ – 10,000 anti-lockdown protesters gather in London to claim coronavirus is ‘a hoax’ (Metro)

An owner of a public house in the Nottinghamshire, England village of Hucknall has gone viral after giving a ‘brutal reply’ to a negative review left online by a customer. The customer had visited The Cowshed gastropub for her sister’s fiftieth birthday party. The party allegedly became inebriated and the attendees were ordered to leave by staff after they were asked to settle the food and drinks bill. The pub’s management fired back though, saying the group “acted like belligerent, entitled little toddlers”. The writer also slated the family for having drunken arguments, damaging the pub’s decor and smearing birthday cake all over the tables, among other transgressions – Pub owner’s brutal reply to ‘entitled little toddler’s’ negative review (Mirror)

The film director Michael Moore has warned that current American president Donald Trump is on course to win the 2020 election and be re-elected, reported Britain’s The Guardian. He said that the controversial head of state is gaining strong popularity in swing states and urged people to encourage others to go out and vote – Michael Moore warns that Donald Trump is on course to repeat 2016 win (The Guardian)

Mauritius’ minister of fisheries, Sudheer Maudhoo, has claimed that 39 dolphins recently found dead or dying on the island’s coasts, which many have attributed to the recent MV Wakashio disaster that poured thousands of tonnes of fuel into coral reefs and the sea, was in fact victims of stress and were found to have no traces of the Wakashio’s oil on them. The Mauritian government has been accused of being too slow to respond to the ecological disaster, and has been the subject of at least two major protests both in Mauritius and among the Mauritian community in London, UK – SUDHEER MAUDHOO : «LES 39 DAUPHINS ÉCHOUÉS ONT SUCCOMBÉ AU STRESS» (Zinfos Moris)

The Khamisi family, from Cleethorpes in northern England, have found themselves being made homeless, just days before their five children start the new school year, the Mirror newspaper reports. The family, who rely on government financial assistance, found themselves experiencing problems with the payments of their benefits and were forced to leave their privately-rented home. They then had to leave the home provided for them by their local authority after neighbours complained about their children making noise and practising the piano, it was alleged. The Khamisis are now living in one room with their parents at the home of a family friend after being left with nowhere to go – Family-of-seven left homeless days before children are due to return to school (Mirror)

Social media company Twitter’s Transparency Center has released a report showing requests for data held on its servers by governments, listed according to country of origin, Engadget reported on 19th August. The special report, released every six months, also indicates how many state-sponsored accounts it has shut down and the number of government requests for information on account holders. A new version of the Center which can be accessed online has also being launched – Twitter ‘Transparency Center’ shows government data requests by country (engadget)

Finally, for some lighter natured news, did you know that there is a cocktail bar in London that dispenses gin drinks from a unicorn’s head. The Cauldron, situated in Stoke Newington, offers would-be wizards and witches a special ‘magic wand’ which they can wave in front of a golden-horned unicorn’s head mounted trophy-style on a wall to get a drink – Bottomless Magical Unicorn Cocktails at The Cauldron (fever)


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