NEWS DIGEST 30.11.2021: Strictly Come Dancing and WWE Raw latest

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IT Takes Two host Rylan Clark tried to get Nikita Kuzmin to slam the Strictly Come Dancing judges after his low score with Tilly Ramsay. Tilly, 19, and her pro partner appeared on the Strictly spin-off show, were Rylan did his best to get Nikita to dish some dirt. “Do you think, Nikita, that justified the lower scoring?” But when Nikita hesitated to be critical, Rylan shouted: “Come on! You’re out now! You can say what you wanna say, come on.” Tilly giggled as Nikita decided to still respond with diplomacy. Tilly’s famous chef dad, Gordon Ramsay, was seen in tears at his daughter’s efforts. Proud dad Gordon, 55, had only good things to say about Tilly and Nikita, writing on Instagram: “Words can’t describe how proud I am of these 2, hard working polite humble and incredibly down to earth.” Most of all well done and what a celebration of youth and how happy it makes me feel – STRICTLY SPEAKING Strictly It Takes Two host Rylan Clark pressures Tilly Ramsay’s pro dancer Nikita to slam judges after exit (The Sun UK Edition – The Sun TV)

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Strictly Come Dancing pro Nikita Kuzmin has admitted that he agrees with the criticism that the judges aimed at his celebrity partner Tilly Ramsay’s final performance this weekend. Joining Rylan Clark-Neal for tonight’s edition of It Takes Two, Nikita was asked directly if their Samba’s score of 30 was justified. Back when their exit from the competition was announced, Tilly thanked her dance partner for bringing her out of her shell. So a massive thank you and, obviously, a huge thank you to Nikita who has guided me out of my shell and has just made this the most amazing experience. Strictly Come Dancing 2021 airs on Saturday nights on BBC One, with results shows every Sunday – Strictly Come Dancing’s Nikita Kuzmin makes big admission following Tilly Ramsay exit (Digital Spy)

As tips season begins in earnest, the Brit awards has named the shortlist for its annual Rising Star prize. The award is open to British artists who have not achieved a UK Top 20 album or more than one Top 20 single by 31 October 2021. Hackney-born Bree Runway, 29, received acclaim from Rihanna and Missy Elliott – with whom she would later collaborate on her 2020 single ATM – as she rose through social media, self-releasing her first two EPs. The Brit awards 2022 take place on 8 February at the London O2 Arena. The Brit awards recently announced that it would do away with gendered categories that split male and female talent apart. A new award, artist of the year, will replace the British male and female solo artist categories; international artist of the year will replace the previously gendered international solo awards – Bree Runway, Holly Humberstone and Lola Young nominated for Brits Rising Star award (The Guardian UK edition – Music – Brit awards)

Now they’ve written a new BBC Three show. When Charly Clive was told she had a brain tumour, she didn’t cry, or collapse to the floor as you might expect. “Being diagnosed felt like I’d interpreted something wrong.” “My first instinct was to be like, ‘this isn’t what it sounds like, there’s going to be some great big reveal and there’s going to be like a big funny punchline at the end’,” Charly says. Throughout treatment, Charly looked for humour – so much so, her story is now the focus of a new BBC Three comedy-drama ‘Britney’, written by Charly and her best friend Ellen. We never talked disparagingly about Britney, she was just along for the ride, she didn’t choose to be there in my head.” ‘The tumour isn’t the comical part’ In their 15 years of friendship, or “co-dependence” as Charly jokes, she and Ellen have always spoken about writing a comedy series together, but didn’t know what to base it on. “At 14, Charly was always like ‘acting is our future’ and in a brilliant, wonderful way, believed in us”.Turning trauma into comedy: Why I chose to laugh at my brain tumour (BBC Three – Real Life)

How do you grade an episode of Raw that had average at best wrestling, promos that ranged from disappointing to good, and a bizarre show-long segment involving Vince McMahon and a young, up-and-coming superstar? Either way, Raw was neither good nor bad on Monday night. You didn’t turn the show off energized or pumped, and you weren’t going to be talking to other wrestling fans about a really cool or interesting segment or match you saw. You also weren’t rushing to social media to trash it as an all-time worst episode. Oh sure, they tried to retcon half the Raw Women’s Championship feud, did a blindness gimmick and used fired wrestlers as a way to generate cheap heat, but match outcomes were logical, bouts were announced at the top of the show, and a new feud kicked off. Then there were the Vince segments with Austin Theory, which could lead somewhere fun, or it could be a total disaster. We could look back in a couple of months and say that this was his launching pad, or we could say this is where he was torpedoed by an old, out-of-touch wrestling magnate – 6 Ups & 6 Downs From WWE Raw (Nov 29) (WhatCulture)


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