NEWS DIGEST 22.11.2020: Gaining new store managers and podcasters

Good morning. Today’s news digest is brought to you by our HEM Journalism Portal Twitter list. German budget supermarket giant Aldi is recruiting for store managers across the UK capital of London as the retail chain reaps the rewards of increased online shopping and demand from consumers during the pandemic. Aldi is keen to recruit people with “heaps of energy, great ideas, and a good mix of ambition and character” and is offering substantial pay and employments to would-be applicants – Store Manager (Aldi)

Would-be podcast enthusiasts looking to have their very own BBC Sounds show will be able to learn more about this new form of broadcasting in a special introductory practical workshop, hosted online by former BBC producer Jack Soper. Attendees will learn how to tailor content for a specific audience, then record, edit and publish it online. They will gain skills in interviewing, script writing and delivery, and the use of music and sound effects. The course will be run by journalism careers and training site, and takes place in the middle of next month – Introduction to podcasting (

Nigerian human rights activist Edetaen Ojo has claimed that his country’s proposed social media bill, which will see social media activities regulated by the federal government, is in fact intended to stifle freedom of expression and criticism of the government. Ojo, the executive director of Media Rights Agenda, claimed that the Nigerian government had ‘intentions’ behind raising the bill. He told BONews: “The content and details of various Bill initiated by the Nigerian government over time make it quite clear that their real intention is to stifle dissent and critical voices. “In virtually all of these instances, they would take a legitimate issue, such hate speech, misinformation, disinformation, etc., and pretend that they are responding to the issue through the Bill and only end up perverting the issue and the legitimacy of the legislative process.”Social Media Bill: Real Intention of Government is to Stifle Dissent, Critics – Rights Activist, Edetaen Ojo (BONews)

Current US president Donald Trump has been criticised after he opted to avoid attending a critical meeting between leaders of the G20 countries on coronavirus, preferring instead to tweet about alleged irregularities in the recent US presidential elections, before leaving the online meeting to go play golf. Before he was elected, Trump frequently accused then-president Barack Obama of neglecting his official duties to play the sport – Donald Trump Skips G20 Coronavirus Meeting To Play Golf (LADbible)

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