NEWS DIGEST 19.12.2020: Cooking and blogging tips for you

Today’s news and stories come from the HEM Bloggers List on the HEMNA Twitter account. Blogging and blog marketing magazine The Social Ms details the eleven questions you need to answer before setting out to create a blog, especially for those looking to monetise their site. Questions blogger-to-be should be asking themselves include “Is working on my own for a large part a lifestyle I want?”, “How will I cope with setbacks and frustration?” and “Have I selected a profitable niche?”. Asking themselves these questions will help potential blogger understand what direction they need to take – 11 Questions You Need To Answer Before You Start A Blog (The Social Ms)

Prepping/survivalist YouTube channel City Prepping has announced the results of their special 12-day Christmas giveaway of prepper’s items, including RTS body armour, and products from Ecoflow Delta and Inergy Apex. The winners were picked randomly using specialist software – 12 Days Giveaway Winners – RTS Body Armor, Ecoflow Delta, Inergy Apex (MOMENTARY LAPSE OF SANITY)

Italian blogger Farida Hakim, of la borsetta delle donne, shares a recipe for a delightful festive treat: salted shortcrust pastry. Also known as quiche pastry, this handy food item can serve as a base for preparing savoury pies, tartlets and other savoury delicacies. It is a quick and simple recipe which will pay dividends for the time-poor home cook – Saving at home – Salted shortbread (la borsetta delle donne)

The Epoch Times has released a video on YouTube claiming that there are ties between the American media and the Communist Party that governs China, with much of these ties being economic in nature. The allegations stem from a report by U.S. site The Federalist which stated informations on links between major American media corporations such as the New York Times and the Washington Post to the controversial Chinese government. For example, the majority shareholder of the NYT is Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, who has strong links with Chinese businesses such as Huawei – Disclosing U.S. Media’s Economic Ties with the CCP | Epoch News | China Insider (MOMENTARY LAPSE OF SANITY)

A new species of dinosaur has been discovered in north-eastern Brazil, which palaeontologists believe may have had a shaggy mane of ‘fur’ and rods poking out of its shoulders. Ubirajara jubatus, meaning “lord of the spear”, after a name used by the Tupi people who are among the first Brazilians, lived 110 million years ago, during the Cretaceous period. The discovery of the ‘bizarre’ reptile was made by Dino Frey at the State Museum of Natural History in Karlsruhe, Germany, and his colleagues, after they studied remains found in ancient slabs of limestone from the area – Bizarre dinosaur had a mane of fur and rods on its shoulders (New Scientist)

The French president Emmanuel Macron, who contracted coronavirus last week, has said that the disease has ‘slowed’ him down and warned the French public to remain vigilant against it, stating that no-one was sheltered from the virus. In a recent video released on social media platform Twitter, Macron said he was ‘doing well’, but was experiencing fatigue, headaches, and a dry cough. Macron is currently self-isolating at a presidential palace in the town of Versailles, which is west of French capital Paris – Emmanuel Macron says Covid-19 symptoms have slowed him down and warns the French to remain vigilant (The New York Times)

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