NEWS DIGEST 03.07.2021: Mirror fine warnings for UK caravan owners, other stories

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Operators of mobile homes and caravans in the United Kingdom could find themselves subject to a £1,000 fine and penalty points on their licence if they fail to use special towing mirrors, the Daily Express newspaper reports. According to information released by the British government, caravan owners must be able to have clear views of the road behind them at all times when driving. Experts with the legal specialists for caravan owners, Caravanwise, have stressed than caravan operators should consider the addition of mirrors an essential priority. They said: “Many caravanners treat towing mirrors as something that they can do without but the law says different. “There is a legal requirement for you to have mirrors that allow you to see clearly an area that is four metres wide from the side of your caravan at a distance 20 metres behind the driver. “A caravan is significantly wider than a car even a large 4×4 and you simply can’t comply with the law unless you fit towing mirrors. “Drivers of larger tow cars may think that they are OK because they can adjust their mirrors so that they have some rearward vision but what they see is simply not good enough.”Caravan owners set for £1,000 fine and penalty points for not using special towing mirrors (Express Cars)

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On Thursday, Penske Media Corporation announced LA3C, a new three-day festival celebrating the city of Los Angeles that will take place this winter. LA3C stands for Los Angeles, the Capital of Creativity & Culture and aims to celebrate the rich culture and diverse communities in the metropolis. A press release describes LA3C as “An open-architecture festival inviting like-minded artists, brands, nonprofits and musicians to add to the festival’s inclusive programming and content.” The festival will tap into PMC’s key media properties including Billboard, as well as The Hollywood Reporter, Rolling Stone, Variety and Vibe, among many others. LA3C will invite people to one-of-a-kind entertainment events, including comedy shows, live performances, culinary experiences, fashion exhibits, actor roundtables and more. PMC CEO/Chairman Jay Penske appointed Juan Mora, an impact investor and nonprofit leader, as LA3C Chief Executive – Billboard Parent Penske Media Announces LA3C Festival Celebrating Los Angeles (Upcoming 100 News)

The results showed that aMCI patients had brain-aging trajectories distinct from the typical normal aging trajectory and the proposed brain age prediction model could quantify individual deviations from the typical normal aging trajectory in these patients. The predicted age difference was significantly associated with individual cognitive impairment of aMCI patients in several domains, specifically including memory, attention and executive function. “In contrast, for aMCI, the model estimated brain age to be greater than 2.7 years older on average than the patient’s chronological age.” The model further showed that progressive aMCI patients exhibit more deviations from typical normal aging than stable aMCI patients, and the use of the predicted age difference score along with other AD-specific biomarkers could better predict the progression of aMCI. Apolipoprotein E ε4 carriers showed larger predicted age differences than non-carriers, and amyloid-positive patients showed larger predicted age differences than amyloid-negative patients. Combining the predicted age difference with other biomarkers of AD showed the best performance in differentiating progressive aMCI from stable aMCI. “This work indicates that predicted age difference has the potential to be a robust, reliable and computerized biomarker for early diagnosis of cognitive impairment and monitoring response to treatment,” the authors conclude – Researchers Use AI to Track Cognitive Deviation in Aging Brains (RSNA – Radiological Society of North America)

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, WHO remains active around the world to support vaccination and information campaigns, deliver supplies, protect the vulnerable, maintain essential health services and more. To tackle COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and increase uptake, delegates from WHO, the Liberian Ministry of Health and the British Embassy recently held an interactive event to strengthen cross-sectoral collaboration to fight misinformation. The government of Japan and the WHO Regional Office for the Americas recently delivered critical laboratory equipment to continue the fight against COVID-19 to the Guatemalan Minister of Health. To support countries across the South-East Asia Region to respond to a recent surge in COVID-19 cases, WHO has provided over 340 megatons of essential medical supplies and medicines. Without the support of donors and partners, WHO would not be able to reach these countries in need and help them make it through the COVID-19 pandemic – WHO continues to support countries to fight COVID-19 (World Health Organization Newsroom)

There are currently over 300 independently-run clinics in the LawWorks Clinics Network across England and Wales – despite the ongoing impact of the pandemic, 229 clinics are providing legal advice on either a remote or face-to-face basis. In 2020, over 43,000 individuals were provided with free legal advice and support by over 9,000 volunteers. LawWorks provides help in developing clinics from idea to launch and, once the clinic has been established, ongoing support through free training sessions for volunteer lawyers, as well as guidance and information, networking opportunities and ongoing trouble-shooting with clinic queries. The individuals who are supported by clinics in the LawWorks network are some of the most vulnerable members of society. In a 2018 survey of clinic clients, 76% said that their understanding of their legal problem was better after receiving advice, 75% felt more confident to deal with the problem and 68% felt that the support had reduced their stress levels – Support our BBC Radio 4 Appeal (LawWorks)

Summarised by SMMRY, with editing/input by Vijay Shah.

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