PHOTO MOMENT: Australia begins New Year Celebrations – DD News

(c) Doordashan News

On the very last day of 2013, the Half-Eaten Mind brings a special Photo Moment from India’s state-owned Doordashan News channel (DD News) of New Year’s celebrations already underway in Sydney, Australia. Australia is one of the first large nations to welcome in the new year due to its relative proximity to the International Date Line, where one day ends and another day begins. Meanwhile in London, there are still several hours to go. It is 1.20 pm as of the publishing time of this article.

Sydney has for many years played host to world-famous spectacular fireworks displays and celebrations every New Year, with dozens of millions of dollars spent on a massive display over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, as well as public parties all over the city.

DD News is a 24-hour news channel breaking Indian and international stories in both English and Hindi languages. The channel is an enterprise of the Doordashan television network which is the Indian equivalent of Britain’s BBC or the United States’ PBS.



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