NEWS DIGEST 24.05.2020: Funny kids, odd bosses



Today is the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr, which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan for Muslims across the world. Our news sources for today are drawn from Facebook. Fun website GreenLemon in February this year published a listicle of the stories of children who knew exactly how to drive their parents ‘up the wall’ as we say here. Highlights include a parent spending a considerable sum of money on a kids’ swimming pool, only for the child to prefer to sit in a paint tin filled with water, someone’s little cousin who was photographed stuck in a fairground’s claw machine, and a sweet three-year-old who got upset because she could not take her newborn sibling to her school in her lunchbox! – 17 Kids Who Know Exactly How To Drive Their Parents Crazy (GreenLemon)

happy little child lying on bed in rural interior house
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A fire has reported to have broken out at The Lighthouse, a newly-built residential tower block located in the English city Manchester’s Northern Quarter this morning, local paper the Manchester Evening News said. Firefighters attended the scene and dealt with billowing flames and smoke in a section of the building. Residents fled the tower amidst screaming and some were woken from their sleep by others banging pots and pans as people made their escape – RECAP: Fire breaks out at Northern Quarter tower block (Manchester Evening News)

Entertainment website Awkward shared an article of real-life instances of managers who behaved like Michael Scott from the US version of hit sitcom The Office. One worker recounted how he was forced to come into the office on his only day off for a 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. stint of mandatory team-building exercises. Another employee with a stingy boss and a mouse-infested store was told to put cotton wool in their ears and walk around the premises sounding an air horn to scare away the unwelcome rodents, because their higher-up did not want to fork out money for a pest exterminator – People Share Their Bosses’ Most “Michael Scott-ish” Moments (Awkward)

Gillian Anderson from Bingley, wrote into the letters page of the Yorkshire Post telling the British government that now is the time to start paying staff in the National Health Service a decent wage as people clap for them in their honour during the coronavirus epidemic. She condemned the establishment of leaving the NHS massively underfunded, and was also joined by other contributions on the NHS from letter writers to the Post – Now give all NHS staff a decent wage, Boris Johnson, while we clap for them (The Yorkshire Post)

On the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, school and college students have demanded that they be given a week of holiday before starting the new academic year after having to sacrifice their Easter break due to online learning schedules and exam revision timetables brought in under the national coronavirus lockdown, L’Express newspaper reports. They are being supported by various educational and children’s empowerment bodies on the island – Éducation: des élèves demandent une semaine de repos avant la rentrée officielle (

Finally for today, British music news magazine NME has said that foreign musicians travelling to the UK will require visas to enter and perform from next. They also must show they have at least £1,000 in savings before making their visa application. The new rules were confirmed by the Home Office, the government department in charge of immigration and visa policies in the UK. From 2021, artists will need to apply for a ‘Tier 5’ visa encompassing performances, auditions, workshops, festival appearances, talks and events – Non-UK musicians will need visa to perform in the country from 2021 (NME)



Tatiana Syrikova/Pexels.


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