BEAUTIFUL DARDO OF VERSATILITY: HEM scoops another three awards

Our awards season continues relentlessly as the Half-Eaten Mind scoops another three awards to cram onto our mantelpiece.


Firstly our new friend Mahesh Nair of the blog “Write Might” who only last week  presented to us the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award, has now sent the Versatile Blogger Award our way. This blog’s rules stipulate that only one award per badge can be accepted to prevent duplication, however I have made a one-off exception for Mahesh and will include this award in my own nominations.

Mahesh announced the nomination of my mind half-eaten with this comment left on one of our articles:

“It’s awards season, Vijay, and I’m pleased to be nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award.”

His ‘Awards Season’ seemed to go into full swing after receiving a nomination for the Versatile Blogger from someone named ‘Tangerine Dreams’. He created an article in honour of this blessing on the 6th April, 2014 (this past Sunday) and we received confirmation of our nomination on the same day.

(c) original designer via M. Nair

As always there are rules, blogging rules (and etiquette) and there are award rules. As I have received three awards, I am going to be a bit flexible rule-wise. You will soon find out what I mean later on in this article.

The rules of the Versatile Blogger Award require me to give away seven interesting facts about myself. So as per these rules, prepare to have your mind blown. Sort of.

1. On Saturday while at my sister’s flat, I tried hula-hooping with my niece’s plastic hula hoop. Honest to God I looked so stupid, although it did make me happy that my dismal circle-spinning made my niece smile…and my sister now has a video to blackmail me with. Jinkies!!

2. I really like cream soda. It’s got a not particularly overpowering sweet taste and it looks like a more vivacious and fun version of mineral water.

3. At work I am the go-to expert on SIC codes. For those of you (and that’s most of you) who are outside the realm of database administration, SIC codes are special codes used for designating business types in database systems. So for example, ‘BN24’ is for legal firms and ‘TD12’ is for retail businesses.

4. I can just about touch the tip of my nose with the tip of my tongue. Pointless exercise really.

5. I am currently looking for a one-bedroom flat or studio in the London area. My search so far has been fruitless. They go like hot cakes around here.

6. I am 6 feet 5 inches tall. In metric measurements for all you non-Brits, that’s around 1.96 metres tall. While being tall has its advantages, like for example not getting mugged on the street and giving your niece the Mount Everest of piggybacks, I do genuinely wish I was a few inches shorter. Being a tall man in a normal-sized world isn’t really child’s play.

7. I have a very loud sneeze that makes people jump out of their skins. AAAAAATCHOOOO!!!


Our second award is also the Half-Eaten Mind’s very first non-English language award. Say hi to the Premio Dardos (Dart Award) from Tomas Morales of the blog “Los Sentidos De La Vida“, which as you might have guessed is a site in the Spanish language. Los Sentidos De La Vida translates as “The Senses Of Life” and is a blog dedicated to film, fine wines and music in approximately seventy-five words per article. It has a great selection of film reviews and Tomas’ perceptions of various wines from some of Spain’s renowned and lesser-known viticulturists.

The Half-Eaten Mind retains a number of bloggers in our community who express themselves in the Spanish tongue, and I am proud to accept the Premio Dardo in honour of them. I can speak some basic Spanish, having learnt it in secondary school and can appreciate the beauty and power of  ‘la lengua Espanola‘. I also like a hefty glass of good Spanish wine (such as Rioja) from time to time.

The Premio Dardo is an honour for bloggers who transmit core human values through their post, pictures and other work. Indeed, this is a very special award because it recognises personal, ethical, cultural and literary values ​​transmitted through writing. Tomas nominated us on the 1st April, but we received confirmation via comment message a few days later.

(c) T. Morales

Tomas recieved this award from two other bloggers in the Iberian blogosphere –  “traficodeletras” and “perdriel27”.

The rules of the Dart Award are as follows (translated from Spanish):

1. Place the image of the award (badge) on your blog.

2. Thank the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 15 other blogs.

As Tomas was nominated twice, he ended up with a list of thirty blogs. However I am bending the rules a bit and only nominating ten as I have been getting so many these past few months.

To Mr. Morales, I would like to say this:-

Gracias, Tomás, por este maravilloso premio. Estoy muy agradecido a aceptarlo y le deseo todo lo mejor!!


Then, thirdly on the 7th April, 2014, just a day after Mahesh started off the week with a good vibe, another new member of the HEM crew, Yazmin a.k.a The Reading Girl, nominated us for the Beautiful Blogger Award. As the title of the blog suggests, Yazmin is a girl who loves to read. She in facts describes herself as a ‘book nerd’. She regularly publishes reviews of books she has thumbed through and puts out personal articles and motivational pieces. Sometimes she even gets inspired further and writes her own poetry, posts pictures she takes and lets you know about anything interesting in the reading world. 

Two days earlier, the Reading Girl was nominated for the BBA by two bloggers named Frankie and Edward. In her special article on the BBA, she mentions that she was very surprised and happy with the nominations. 

Essentially, the BBA is an honour bestowed by fellow bloggers to show how much they love reading your blog and appreciate the beauty in your words.

(c) original designer via The Reading Girl

Here are the BBA rules:

1. Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo.

2. Thank the person who nominated you and create a link back.

3. Nominate 7 (yes only seven) other bloggers and say a little something about them.

So, of course in the spirit of the BBA, I would like to thank Yazmin for being so beautiful in her consideration for choosing the Half-Eaten Mind as one of the lucky recipients. I am also grateful for her unwavering support of HEM and the undeniable pleasure I have felt from reading her posts. Well done and congrats for being nominated yourself.

I really enjoy his posts. Very different from what I used to but very informative and entertaining.

 – Yazmin on the Half-Eaten Mind.

This is the part where I am going to bend the award rules a little bit. I am going to nominate ten bloggers, randomly chosen from previous likes (to make it fair). All ten nominees will receive the three awards I mentioned in this blogpost. You can accept all, some or none of them, but never forget you deserve them all.

And the nominees are:

1. TheCrazyBagLady

2. Sawa Minori

3. KOH

4. CeeLee

5. Ruben Demirjian

6. sagedoyle

7. alienorajt

8. Tammy Hopkinson

9. moviejoltz

10. Don Charisma

Well done all of you!!

To Mahesh, Tomas and Yazmin, I thank all of you for making my work and blogging all that much sweeter.

(c) LadyFire/Photobucket

Here are the original nomination articles:


TOMAS Nominación Premio Dardos 2014

YAZMIN The Beautiful Blogger Award/ Two times

Versatile Blogger Award now


“IT’S AWARDS SEASON – VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD NOW” – Mahesh Nair, The Write Might (6 April 2014) LINK
“Metres to Feet & Inches Full Height Conversion Chart (0m-2m)” – Feet to Metres Height Conversions, LINK
Google Translate, Google Inc. LINK
“Nominación Premio Dardos 2014” (Darts Award Nomination 2014) – Tomas Morales, Los Sentidos De La Vida (1 April 2014) LINK
“The Beautiful Blogger Award/ Two times” – Yazmin, The Reading Girl (7 April 2014) LINK
“Thank You – thumb cat” – LadyFire, Photobucket LINK


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16 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL DARDO OF VERSATILITY: HEM scoops another three awards

  1. Wow thanks! I accept all three! The post will take a little time, I have others to work on, one big post. In fact, I kind of like the way you did it here, hmmmmm… Be warned, you’re probably going to get some in return, if you’re up for that. But like I said, it won’t be for a while. Thanks again! And congratulations!


    1. You’re welcome and thanks for accepting. Don’t worry about time either. Take as long as you like. They certainly do take a lot of time, so I perfectly understand. Looking forward to seeing what awards you have lined up for me 🙂

      Have a nice weekend!



  2. Congratulation on your awards and thank you for always dropping by my blog and twitting. I really do appreciate your constant support and finally, thank you for the nomination! It’s a good surprise coming home to seeing it 🙂


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