NEWS DIGEST 03.04.2021: Rumblings in Mars’ tummy, post-lockdown fun in London

Good morning and Happy Easter in advance. Today’s news is from Facebook. Mysterious rumblings have been detected emanating from deep within the ground on the planet Mars. A probe built by NASA, called Insight, picked up the quakes in the Cerberus Fossae region. Scientists at the space exploration agency believe the ‘Marsquakes’ originate from deep underneath the planet’s crust and may be caused by a sudden release of energy from the planet’s interior – Mysterious rumblings from inside of Mars detected by NASA lander (Sky News Science & Tech)

The little-known but unique ‘Rooftop Bottomless Cinema’ of Waterloo, London is returning this April to the top of Bar Elba. Cinemagoers looking to feed their hunger for movies and popcorn have had to go without the cinema experience in the past year due to lockdowns, and now they can experience that feeling again surrounding by amazing views of central London. The rooftop cinema will play a host of popular films, ranging from romcoms to indie movies via a widescreen projector, while popcorn, prosecco and sweets are on offer. There will be a one-metre social distancing rule in place – Rooftop Bottomless Cinema at Bar Elba (Fever)

In east London, Ilford’s Frenford Youth Club is launching five weeks of free activities to get local young people back into recreational activities as the country comes out of its third lockdown. The club used existing funding from the Young Londoners Fund and a grant from financial services firm Carne Group to set up the diary of fun activities, including fitness classes with local mixed martial arts fighter Khalid Ismail. The activities will mainly by sports such as football – Weeks of free activities begin at Frenford Youth Club (Ilford Recorder)

A woman in England’s West Midlands region has died after being attacked by two dogs that escaped from their home. The 80-year-old was in her garden in Rowley Regis, a small town near the city of Dudley, when the dogs climbed in and launched an attack on her. Police caught the two animals and are now establishing what breed they belong to. A 43-year-old man was later arrested for having dogs ‘dangerously out of control’. A post-mortem is planned to find the exact cause of the woman’s death – Woman killed by two escaped dogs in West Midlands (BBC News UK Birmingham & Black Country)


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