CHRISTMAS AWARDS BOUQUET: Nominations by Clouds N Cups & Ajay

Vijay Shah

“For the twenty-second day of Christmas, my blogger friends gave to me….fiii-iii-ve awards!!”

*Record scratches and stops*

*Window shatters*

Well, okay fair enough, I was never much of a good carol singer and my housemates are cursing me under their breath, but right now I am floating higher than Santa’s sleigh jampacked full of gifts, as the Half-Eaten Mind takes receipt of a special festive bouquet of five awards which I have been nominated for by the owners of two blogs, “Clouds N Cups” and Ajaytao 2010.

Our first nomination comes courtesy of Wendy Lee from “Clouds N Cups”. Ms Lee is an Singaporean artisan running a small business designing and making her unique brand of homemade and tailor-made jewellery ranging from rings to cute charm bracelets. She has nominated me for the Blog of the Year 2013 award, which means the Half-Eaten Mind now has a total of three stars collected. 

(c) W. Lee/Clouds N Cups

(c) W. Lee/Clouds N Cups

(c) A. Sheldrake/The Thought Palette

(c) A. Sheldrake/The Thought Palette

The Clouds N Cups original nomination article can be found here:  A Little Something Extra For Someone…

The Half-Eaten Mind’s other four awards have been delivered by keen photographer and loyal Mumbaikar Ajay of Ajaytao 2010. Ajay has selected me after receiving an astonishing 48 nominations for eighteen different awards. Someone has been a  well-behaved blogger, haven’t they!!

(c) Ajay/Ajaytao 2010

(c) Ajay/Ajaytao 2010

Out of these 48 nominations, Ajay has asked me to select four. I have plumped for:

You are a Miracle Blogger Award


via Ajay Tao

Sunshine Award – floral pattern version

via Ajay Tao

via Ajay Tao

Excellence Award

via Ajay Tao

via Ajay Tao

Lighthouse Award

via Ajay Tao

via Ajay Tao

The Ajaytao 2010 original nomination article can be found here: Christmas Bouquet – Awards – Ajaytao – 48 Nominations

I have not been asked to follow any nominations rules for these awards technically, but if you wish to be nominated for any or all of these awards, please let me know in a comment and consider yourself nominated 🙂

Many, many thanks to both Wendy and Ajay for their lovely nominations – as well as all the other friends who have helped contribute to my rapidly lengthening awards page this December. I love you all!

(c) Photobucket

“[HalfEatenMind] Please moderate: “DECEMBER AWARD FEST: HEM nominated for 3 awards by Cupitonians”‏ (20 December 2013) private email – Ajaytao2010
“[HalfEatenMind] Please moderate: “DECEMBER AWARD FEST: HEM nominated for 3 awards by Cupitonians”, (19 December 2013) private email – Clouds N Cups (BeWithUs)
“Blog of the Year 2013 Award” – Alyson Sheldrake, The Thought Palette LINK
“[HalfEatenMind] Please moderate: “DECEMBER AWARD FEST: HEM nominated for 3 awards by Cupitonians”‏ (20 December 2013) private email – Ajaytao2010
“Christmas Bouquet – Awards – Ajaytao – 48 Nominations” – Ajay, Ajaytao 2010 (18 December 2013) LINK
“christmas reindeer gif Pictures & Images” – Photobucket LINK

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  1. Mis felicitaciones amigo!!!


  2. Congratz!
    Lots of love and have a wonderful Xmas!


  3. Aww..thank you so much for this sweet addressing post, my dear friend!

    Appreciated it!

    Happy Monday!! Cheers~ 😀


  4. Very well deserved! Keep rocking will ya? 🙂


  5. Merry Christmas, my dear friend! All the best to you (especially your writings) and your loved ones in the year 2014! Cheers~ 😀


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