PETITE MAGIQUE AWARD GIVEAWAY: ….or “Hallelujah, it’s raining awards”

In 1987, the TV weather forecaster Michael Fish, a normally well-regarded personality on British screens until recently, famously failed to warn viewers of a massive hurricane which caused million of pounds of damage when it did hit our shores. The poor Mr. Fish soon became the butt of many jokes and comments from bemused (and roofless) members of the public. I would not have been surprised if he actually wished he was the animal that sounds like his surname and jumped into an ocean big enough to lay low in until the furore died down.

Unlike Mikey, the man behind HEM never misses a shower. And by showers, I mean showers of awards, not that clear rainy stuff that catches you unawares, minus umbrella, leaving you a rather pitiful soaked combination of your mother’s trusty cleaning sponge and a sewer rat that had just done ten laps of the English Channel. And unlike the showers that accompanied the Great Hurricane of ’87, these are loved, adored and gratefully received.

Just like former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and those crazy dancers in her hit single “It’s Raining Men”, the Half-Eaten Mind is in an all-singing, all-dancing, sequin-popping mood as we take receipt of our latest haul of multiple awards courtesy of the amazing Patty of the Petite Magique blog. The blog was awarded on the 17th February, 2014. So yes, it’s time to celebrate and hand out some goodies in the forms of nominations. Bust out any move you feel like…and don’t worry, you don’t need to pour yourself  into a vile yellow Lycra leotard. Unless that’s your kind of thing. Besides, it’s too cold.

The latest Bouquet of Kindness from dearest Patty consists of a medley of awards. These are:

via Patty / Petite Magique
via Patty / Petite Magique
via Patty / Petite Magique
via Patty / Petite Magique
via Patty / Petite Magique
(c) B. Mattio via Patty / Petite Magique

Some of these awards have been received for the very first time by the Half-Eaten Mind. I am incredibly thankful to Patty for nominating me for this spectacular show-stopping bouquet.

My nominees are:

Don Charisma



John W. Howell

Mahesh Nair:

All nominees will receive a pingback notification to inform them. I have seen this in use by another blogger and thought it would be an easier and less obtrusive method of passing on the good news.

To Patty and to everyone who has supported the Half-Eaten Mind, I have this to say….

(c) Rey Ty via Photobucket
“Sunny, with a chance of raining awards! :)” – Patty, Petite Magique (17 February 2014) LINK
“Sunny, with a chance of raining awards! :)” – Patty, Petite Magique (17 February 2014) LINK
“Thank You Multilingual Animated “Rey Ty” ” – Rey Ty, Photobucket LINK
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