NEWS DIGEST 31.05.2020: Attacks on police officers



Today’s news comes to you via the official HEMNA Twitter account @halfeatenmind. BeoirFest, the Irish online craft beer festival aimed at the discerning but casual beer fan, is opening its door virtually with tickets now on sale for €1 each. Entrants can meet with the Emerald Isle’s craft brewers, check out the latest tipples on offer. Prizes are also on offer including two night stays for two people in the County Kerry town of Dingle. Free tickets are also up for grabs. BeoirFest is scheduled for next month.


Consultancy firm Capgemini writes on the ‘Great Digital Divide’ and why more must be done to get the digitally excluded such as the elderly, non-English speakers and the economically disadvantaged to come online. The company’s Research Institute conducted a survey amongst 3,700 internet users and 1,300 people without internet access, alongside executives of organisations tackling digital inequality. To bridge the digital divide will require cooperation amongst NGOs, private companies, governments and others and increase open access to internet facilities for the marginalised, Capgemini concludes – The Great Digital Divide Why bringing the digitally excluded online should be a global priority (Capgemini)

The UK’s BBC public broadcaster announced that British football ‘is coming back’ after a months-long hiatus in televised sports and sports matches due to the coronavirus pandemic. At a recent government briefing, the culture secretary Oliver Downing told the public that a third of Premier League matches in England will now be free to view and that for the first time in history, the BBC itself will show live football matches, previously the domain of paid-for broadcasters such as Sky Sports.

HEMNA community member and news blog #Breaking144 reported on an attack on a police officer in the Florida, USA town of Jacksonville today during the tense atmosphere of protests against the police killing of Minneapolis man George Floyd. The town’s sheriff, Mike Williams, said that the unnamed officer was possibly stabbed or slashed in the neck and was rushed to hospital. No news is yet forthcoming on the arrest of any perpetrators. The United States has been rocked by a week-long series of protests and violence as people bristle against the racist murder of Floyd and other African-American men, as well as general brutality and ineptitude by certain police officers in the country – #Breaking144 – An officer in Jacksonville, Florida, was “stabbed or slashed in the neck and is currently in the hospital,” Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said – CNN reports – @AceBreakingNews (#Breaking144)

Parenting blog The Parent Spot @ParentSpot has published a selection of easy to follow chicken rotisserie leftover recipes for people on the go, and cooks that just want to be lazy. You can sample easy and quick-to-make delicious chicken dishes such as enchiladas verdes, chicken crockpot, nachos, soups, pho noodles and other staples of the modern American kitchen – Easy Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Recipes for Busy People (The Parent Spot)

News blog site Ace Newsroom Live says that the Asian heavyweights and bitter neighbours of India and China have begun sending military reinforcements to the disputed Ladakh region, near the Chinese-occupied area of Tibet. The two countries have been engaging in diplomatic negotiations to try and de-escalate the situation, according to Russia’s Sputnik news service. Border clashes had broken out after China accused India of placing troops on the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control in the mountainous area of Ladakh after a video showing a gunfight between troops of the two countries went viral recently – #AceNewsDesk ………..India and China have been sending reinforcements to the contested Ladakh region amid ongoing diplomatic talks to de-escalate the situation Sputnik reports (Ace Newsroom Live)

In Northern Ireland, a police officer was kicked in the face as she and colleagues attempted to break up a 200-strong group of youths hanging out on a beach in Bangor, County Down on Friday night, Ace Newsroom Live and the UK’s Metro newspaper reports. Four teenagers were arrested after the assault that occurred during the dispersement of the crowd that appeared on Ballyholme beach in violation of the Northern Irish lockdown regulations – #AceNewsDesk …………Northern Ireland police officer was kicked in the face as she and colleagues were attacked while trying to break up a group of around 200 youths gathered on a beach in Bangor on Friday night MetroUK reports (Ace Newsroom Live)



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